Fun App to make $$$$ from your iOS device / Android

Hello all,

On this post i wanna show you the way how I earned 1$ in just 5 minutes!

~Iphone/Ipod Touch/Android is needed~

First of all you wanna have to download an app called ‘CheckPoints World’

Step 1) Download and Install the app…
– Get it on itunes (iOS) here
– Get it on google play (Android) here
Step 2) Open the app and go to Settings
Step 3) Create an account with a refferal (is needed and u get 200 points!) –> 1$ = 340 points!

Bonus: dailygjokes
Step 4) Login and go to collect
Step 5) Choose the most upper one; Try
Step 6) Install it (you will get 5 game coins)
Step 7) Go to games and play Paradise Slots as much as you can
Step 8) In meantime you are doing something you wanna have to press on a notification or while you are in the app you just earn 100 points (you now have 300 points or more)
Step 9) When you have played the game with luck you will have 340 points and you can send it to your paypal!
Step 10) You can download the toolbar for firefox/iexplorer (No google chrome :facepalm:
Step 11) You just search a few words with it and earn some more points!

NOTE: You cannot use the trick with UDID faker… I tried on my iphone and i got banned

Points Earned untill now: 871
Everyday you can earn points by doing surveys, invite friends and more!
Please use my ref
(To send the money it can take a while because they need to check everything)



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